Jocelyn's Blog Post # 7

Those Closest Can Be the Most Inspiring

Hannah schooling Sol - after many years of working 
for trainers,and riding horses for clients, Hannah has 
achieved a life long goal of owning her own horse and farm. 
 I have seen her sit "chilly" on a multitude of horses 
and watching their progress and the relationship 
she could build with them always left in awe.

A strange thing happened one morning.  I woke up, went downstairs, looked in the mirror, and realized I had no desire to be Buck Davidson.  It isn't as though being Buck is an option, or that I have anything against him, or that I wouldn't love to have Petite Flower on my string, or even that I don't want to compete at the upper levels (because I do, someday).  But, I don't want to be Buck, or any number of top professional riders.

What I see is in the ranks of professional riders is a lot of industry driven rather than sport driven competition, which isn't my bag.  This summer, I read news stories of long term partnerships being ripped apart due to decisions made by sponsors and barn politics.  Some folks are willing to put themselves on the line like that, which is fine if you can handle it; but, there is enough risk in horses, be it soundness or in the sport itself, that I couldn't deal with that business model to boot.
Kristyn on eBay - Kristyn bought this horse entirely 
by selling goods on eBay.  Not only is she a great 
horsewoman and trusted trainer, particularly of children, she 
also had a day job as a Clinical Medical Counselor. 
Now, she is balancing managing and teaching at Lucky Star
while expecting her first born.  My horses are currently in her 
care and I can honestly say, they have never looked better!
Then there's the issue of relating to your heroes.  I cannot aspire to be like folks I cannot, in some way, relate to.  While I'd love with the technical accuracy, composure, and position some top riders have, I don't find them relatable.  Instead, my real role models may or may not be better riders than I am, but they all have qualities I would like to emulate, both in their riding as well as their horsemanship.
Sarah (and Charles) on Grace- 
Sarah is an ambition young woman 
raising two young MALE equestrians 
while serving as staff for NCH, 
working for a dressage trainer, 
and starting her own business, 
Recycled Sport Horses.

There are several characteristics my true riding role models share.  They are a tenacious bunch that our the well being of their horses first and find a way to make horses work no matter what life throws their way.  They have started from scratch, learned by the seat of their pants, and haven't been afraid to put themselves out there in order to improve as horsewomen.  All have been willing to branch out, finding education everywhere and anywhere.  Last but certainly not least, they are honest, loyal friends, not afraid to kick me when I need it and willing to listen to input when necessary.

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