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Video # 323, and Question # 355: Rose would like some help with her 6 yo Connemara mare, who tends to be tense and rushy.

Question # 354: Linda has a question about one of my quotes on "giving the reins."

Question # 353: Amanda has a question about how to teach her young horse to lift and use his back correctly.

Question # 352: What are some good rider exercises to fix keeping your body too close to the horse in the air over fences? (Anne)

Question # 351: Anne has a question about her horse that tends to drop into the trot right before fences.

Question # 350: I have been struggling getting my horse to move forward, especially at the canter.

Question # 349: I'm pretty new to eventing, and so is my horse. are there any beginner exercises you could give us? What should we work on the most when just getting into the sport? (Josie)

Question # 348: Pat has a problem with her horse "ballooning" in the air over his fences.

Photo # 80 and Question # 347: Ellen would like to know how she can get her horse to travel with his hind legs more underneath himself.

Photo # 79 and Question # 346: Kayla has a question about how to fix the bad habit she has with her hands.

Photo # 78 & Question # 345: Kayla shows us a sequence of photos and has a question about her horse's tendency to sometimes markedly drift to one side right before the jump.

Question # 344: Question about pulling down on the bars of the horse's mouth...

Question # 343: Kayla has a question about her horse hollowing and tossing his head in his canter transitions.

Question # 342: Kayla has a question about how to set distances for jumping training, with a horse that has a shorter than average stride.

Question # 341: Amy has a question about a new horse she is riding, who is not a big fan of flatwork!

Video # 315 and Question # 340: Kaley has a question (with video), about his horse's jumping form, and whether or not his horse might still have upper level potential, despite the form he shows now as a green horse.

Question # 339: Kayla has another question about how to stay with her horse's motion over jumps.

Question # 338: Nancy has a question about one of her legs, which tends to be too far back.

Video # 314, and Question # 337: Lauren has a question (with video) about her new OTTB mare.

Question # 336: Kelly has a question about an OTTB that she is trying.

Video # 313, and Question # 335: Kayla is riding in a jumping lesson, and wants to know why she got jumped out of the tack on the first jump!

Question # 334: Kayla has a question about how to go about training the horse to do the more difficult lateral movements that require the horse to move in the direction of the bend.

Question # 333: Kayla has a question about core/ab exercises for her horse.

Question # 332: Ellen is having some difficulties when trotting fences.

Video # 312 and Question # 331: This is Rachael!

Question # 330: Kayla has a question about how to avoid the chair seat problem.

Video # 311 and Question # 329: Kayla is practicing BN test A, and has a few questions.

Question # 328: Kayla has a question about trotting fences.

Question # 327: Kayla has a question about how long a rider might get away with doing their Dressage in a Jumping saddle

Question # 326: Ellen has a question about her horse becoming barn sour and threatening to rear.

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