Video # 323, and Question # 355: Rose would like some help with her 6 yo Connemara mare, who tends to be tense and rushy.

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This is me and Willow - my 6 year old Connemara mare. She is an incredible horse and starting out on our eventing career she has completed three events (up to BN) on her dressage score. Unfortunately our dressage scores are poor (high 30s low 40s) due to the tension you see in this warm-up video. While this is at a show grounds she is like this anywhere, including at home. She has her teeth done regularly, gets PEMF and massages, has had several lameness exams (including a 5-stage PPE with radiographs) and has properly fitting saddles. She rides in a soft rubber mullen.

I have worked with many in-person trainers and not much has been accomplished. I'd say that her main problem is that there is no stop in her. She is extremely hot and sensitive and hates to be pulled on but pretty much the only way to stop/slow her is to pull and that bracing seems to cause the tension. I've tried the "turn to a stop" and that has really helped her relaxation but she is happy to keep turning all day. We've seem to hit a wall in our progression and am really hoping for some guidance. (Rose)

Hi Rose!

Willow is so cute! When she relaxes and slows down, I bet your scores will go up dramatically. I have LOTS of ideas for you! (Click on Video or Question title above to read full answer)

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