The Fringe Eventer blog post # 2

Back In The Saddle # 2

Now that I’ve decided to shake things up with my mare the question became who to turn to in order to make the transition back into eventing. My mare has had limited exposure to jumping. Me, I haven’t ridden in a jump saddle more than a handful of times in the last four years. We both were in need of an intervention. While I have hooked up with a trainer to help us get going in all things jumping she is over an hour away and I’m on a budget. By the way, I’m sure budget is a bad word. Feel free to insert your own euphemism, I know I do.

Luckily I didn’t have to look very far for someone to help me in between treks to the Apopka as there is a local gem just two streets over from where I live. A local gem, by my definition is a rider that many may overlook when seeking out help. They don’t give a plethora of lessons, they don’t have a fancy website, and in fact they don’t even compete anymore. Don’t let this fool you though this little gem is a bona fide horsewoman horseman (it just sounds better). 

My gem was one of the very first eventers in my county and has over forty years of solid experience with horses. Even better, she has an ‘eye’ for jumping. She also fits into my budget. For the price of an occasional breakfast on a Sunday morning after church I get a free 20 or 30 minute jump school about once a week. Did I mention she is one of my dearest friends? Yeah, that definitely helps.

My point is, for those of you fringe eventers looking to jump back into eventing, look around you. There are many incredible riders out there who never took the professional route. Let’s face it there are many professionals who how should we say… aren’t so good. Likewise there are many true horsemen (and women) who have instincts and mileage to share with you.  Seek them out my friends! You might just find a gem of your own.

Just another tip from the Fringe Eventer.

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