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Video # 75: This is Jen again, schooling at home!
Video # 74: This is Jen on her young horse!
Video # 73: This is Jen doing a hunter round!
Question # 239, and Video # 72: Gabbie has a question about her green horse's jumping, with video!
Question # 238 and video # 71: I have been working on leg yielding in the canter, and have encountered a problem!
Question # 229, and Video # 70: Problems with halting!
Video # 69: This is Kellyn and her horse Rowan performing Novice Test A!
Video # 68: This is Katy from New Zealand!
Video # 67 and Question # 213: This is a video of Rowan, my 14 year old OTTB gelding. I took him off the track several years ago and turned him into a show jumper and fox hunter...
Video # 66 and Question # 208: This is Kymbre!
Video # 65: This is Vita and Toby!
Video # 64: This is Kellyn!
Video # 63: This is Stephanie!
Video # 62, and Question # 191: I asked a Dressage Judge to score my horse's trot. She gave him a 6.5-7 at best. When I asked what we should try differently (this is a trainer/judge who knows both me and my horse) to get an 8, she said...
Video # 61: This is Catherine!
Question # 183, and Video # 60: Member Laura sends in her question in a creative way! (Watch the video to see!)
Video # 59: This is Rachel doing her Beginner Novice Dressage test!
Video # 58: This is Catherine again!
Video # 57: This is Kate schooling cross country!
Video # 56: This is Taren schooling cross country!
Video # 55: This is Catherine!
Video # 54: This is Kayla doing a Training level show jumping round!
Video # 53: This is Kayla performing the Training level Eventing Test B!
Video # 52: This is Rachelle!
Video # 51: Jen doing jumper round number 2!
Video # 50: This is Jen doing a jumper round!
Video # 49: This is Kelly!
Video # 48: This is Kayla on another very nice horse, this time riding Novice Test B!
Video # 47: This is Kayla on a 3 year old TB, doing Intro Test B!
Video # 46: This is Jen on cross country!
Video # 45: This is Becky!
Video # 44: This is Jen!
Video # 43: Kayla tries the low wide oxer exercise with her horse that tends to jump too high at times in the Show Jumping!
Video # 42: This is Kathleen!
Video # 41: This is Laura!
Video # 40: This is Kayla doing Novice Test B!
Video # 39: This is Kayla and her lovely mare again! This time working on a gymnastic line.
Video # 38: This is Vita and PJ doing their Beginner Novice Dressage Test!
Video # 37: This is Vita and her horse Toby doing Beginner Novice Test A!
Video # 36: Kayla has a question about how to help her horse get back to the same form she had pre injury.
Video # 35: This is Kate!
Video # 34: This is Kari doing the Training level test 1 Dressage Test!
Video # 33: This is Amy! How fun to see the progression of improvement in horse and rider over the course of a year!
Video # 32: This is Nanna on cross country!
Video # 31: This is Nanna and her 6 year old mare in the show jumping!
Video # 30: This is Nanna and her 6 year old mare doing their beginner novice dressage test!
Video # 29: This is Kate having a dressage lesson! And we are told that her chestnut mare does not care for dressage, and much prefers the jumping phases!
Video # 28: This is Courtney!
Video # 27: This is Andi and Chester on a Beginner Novice cross counry course!
Video # 26: This is Vita and PJ at a jumper show!
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