Video # 66 and Question # 208: This is Kymbre!

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Here is a video of the mare I mentioned before that I was working with named Mouse. She was the one who would throw her head up to avoid contact with the bit, and then she learned how to curl her chin to her neck to avoid the contact as well. But I read your post about using side reins on a lunge line to teach them how to go forward into the contact. This seemed to help A LOT! Because she isn't fighting as much or trying to avoid the contact. I am even able to get her to lengthen her stride while stretching into the bit. It's very nice. In this video we worked on bending from the inside leg into the outside rein into the contact. And for the most part she understood it after we did it at the walk first. 

I noticed in the video that my right stirrup was exceptionally shorter than my left stirrup, which I felt during my ride, but I assumed I was just sitting unevenly. I think if I had that stirrup even I would have had a little better luck with the right bend. Also, I noticed there were a few times that I accidentally pulled the outside rein back as opposed to asking her to move into it. That is something I will definitely be aware of next time I work with her. I noticed it a few times during the ride and I would push my hand forward a little bit to allow her room to move into that rein. But for the most part she looks good in this video. If you could just let me know what you think, and if there's anything I need to do to make the results better or more efficient. Also any exercises I could try to improve her movement or acceptance of the contact. Thanks! (Kymbre) (Click on Video or Question Title above (in blue) to read the answer and critique of this video)

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