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Hi, my name is Firn Hyde, and I am a homeschooled 17-year-old horsewoman from South Africa. I live on a beautiful dairy farm in the Highveld with my family and our vast menagerie, including my four horses. I've been riding since I can remember, training with my hero/instructor (known as the Horse Mutterer) for seven years, and schooling horses professionally for four years. Eventing is my passion, but I'll try pretty much anything that involves a horse.

My four horses are my friends, bosses, partners and teachers. Skye's the Limit is their warrior queen, the crossbreed mare who taught me to fall and eventually to stay on; she has a big heart, a fierce spirit, and arthritis, but don't tell her I said that. Thunderbird is her son, a gawky four-year-old whose only flaw is his extreme friendliness. Arwen Evenstar is a little grey Nooitgedachter with a tremendous work ethic and ample intelligence. Last, but not least, is Magical Flight; a generous OTTB with more talent than brain cells and a goofy streak a mile wide.

Like most riders, I compete and train with the hope of one day riding at the very highest level. But above all, I strive to understand the equine mind and its amazing relationship with the human heart.


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