Guest Blog post # 64: "(You can't make this stuff up) Officer, I tried to raise her right!" by Bill Woods

(You can't make this stuff up)  Officer, I tried to raise her right!

After having seen weekend scores on Foxvillage of the show where my student was on her own competing, I noted that she had put up three good First Level scores earlier. . .

Me: What happened in your last test on Sunday? I saw you got eliminated. Did he run off and jump out of the ring?

Her: No, I jumped him out.

Me: (incredulously) You what?

Her: I was having such a bad test, I didn't want to finish it.

Me: So you . . .

Her: . . . pointed him at the boards at the end of the long side and asked him to hop out.

Me: Why didn't you just excuse yourself?

Her: I thought maybe they'd tell me not to be a sissy and to just finish it.

Me: You could've said you thought he was lame. Then they have to let you leave. Besides you don't want to teach him he can jump out!

Her: Oh, that's not a problem. He already knows how to jump out. After he did it, though, I probably shouldn't have patted him. I hope the judge didn't see that . . .



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