Tip/Quote of the Day # 2285

"There is one test that has the advantage over all the others, in that it can accompany the horse throughout his entire development… Showing the horse the way towards the ground. It is important that before the rider makes any attempt to perform the exercise, he makes sure that the horse is moving forward with impulsion at the selected pace, in good rhythm and contact with the bit. Then, while maintaining the forward driving aids, the rider should begin by giving slightly with the outside rein by moving the hand forward. As the horse responds by stretching his neck downwards and seeking the bit, the rider should offer the inside rein and again the horse should search to maintain the contact. The rider can then begin to lengthen the reins slightly by allowing them to slip through the fingers. Providing the horse is still being driven correctly from behind he will maintain the contact as he chews the bit towards the ground." ~ Christian Thiess

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