An Exercise to Help You to Find Your Abdominal Muscles When in the Saddle




To get the best results, riders need to ride from their seat and core. Many riders KNOW this, but it just seems to be the last thing they can think about, with all of the other thoughts rolling around in their head at the moment they need it most. Such as when you are preparing for a transition into canter in your Dressage test, or are trying to frantically collect your strong horse right before the coffin complex on cross country. There are between 5 and 10,000 other things that you need to be thinking about at those important moments!


It is smart for riders to regularly take the time (between those important moments) at home to consciously train your body to be more aware of your core and how to use it. The more awareness and attention you give to using your core muscles, the better chance you have of creating a habit of using your core properly throughout your riding. Which can make a HUGE difference in your success as a rider, no matter the discipline! This exercise will specifically help you to locate and be more aware of your abdominal muscles.