3 Distinctly Different Ways of Controlling Your Horse's Shoulders in Circles, Turns & Lateral Work




Your ability (or lack thereof) to control your horse's shoulders will show up in just about everything you try to do when riding. It will often be quite evident, as it can be very hard to steer properly or keep your horse straight when you do not have 100% control of the horse's shoulders!

Did you know that there are 3 distinctly different ways of controlling your horse's shoulders?? Many riders are in the habit of using only one of these 3 methods. And very often it is actually NOT the best of the 3 for their situation. So they continue to struggle to accurately control their horse's shoulders in turns, circles, and lateral work to at least some degree.

YOU are most likely using only one of these 3 methods. Are you using the right one?? Read on to find out!