Develop an Independent Seat




Without an independent seat, a rider simply cannot give precise aids to their horse. A rider that is merely "hanging on", by clamping their legs tight on the horse's sides, or hanging on to the reins for support, is somewhat of a burden to their horse. And will be desensitizing the horse to both the rein and leg aids at best. With the worst case scenerio being that the horse becomes so confused or frustrated by conflicting aids, that they either act out, or "shut down" to some extent - completely tuning out the rider. 

A rider with an independent seat can move fluidly with the horse's motion. And because they are not using the reins to balance, or their legs to hang on - they can give the horse correct, clear, and concise aids. This is the key to success with riding! Here's how to help yourself to develop an independent seat!