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Kirsten is an adult amateur rather new to the world of Eventing and enjoying every minute of it! Together with her Percheron/Thoroughbred mare, Ariat, she just started jumping a few years ago. She and Ariat began competing at local schooling shows at Elementary and worked consistently and systematically over the years moving up to Beginner Novice and then Novice. Most recently the pair qualified for and competed in a Classic Novice 3Day. Unfortunately, after a solid endurance day jumping clean Ariat was too sore to continue onto Stadium, but nevertheless Kirsten could not be more proud of what they have accomplished. Ariat has a personality larger than her large beastly self and makes great content for Kirsten to write about. Please enjoy as Kirsten shares what it's like to ride a Girafferator (head set of a giraffe and suppleness of a refrigerator) in the dressage ring, keeping a naughty beast mare contained in her paddock when jumping 5' from a standstill is all in a days work, and how someone who survived steeplechase fences of 3'3" can still have confidence problems when it comes to jumping small schooling fences.

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