Question # 163: Johnny gets to begin real work again soon following a tie-back procedure. My vet advised me to "take it slow." I've been riding him at the walk to keep up at least some of his back muscling.

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Can you recommend a good slow start program for getting him back to work? Judging by our 'easy' ride yesterday, he's going to be fairly fresh, and I know now that he can breathe it will be difficult for me to figure out what his limits need to be initially. Normally I'd base my workouts off his recovery times, but he was fairly fit with a grade 4 that he can breathe, I'm guessing he's got a pretty good wind built up. Looking for an easy start and slow build program, and I'm betting you've got one on hand! Thanks! (Courtney)

Hi Courtney!

You don't mention how long Johnny has been out of work, but that will make a big difference in how quickly I would advise you bringing him back into work. The general rule of thumb is to plan on... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer) 

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