Video # 309 and Question # 325: Kayla is finding it difficult to keep her horse on the aids in walk to halt transitions.

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We just cannot finish our halts connected. Even if I ease him into them (so I don't get hung up on "right now" and pull), or even leave the reins with big loops in them, he always hollows/comes above the bit in that last stride. I feel like it's primarily because I've just always let him get away with halting terribly, but now that it's so ingrained, I'm having a terrible time undoing it. We spent 45 minutes working on that on Friday, and we only got one decent halt. I'm at a loss. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Or just a matter of working on it for a while and insisting that he maintains the connection, and making a big deal of him when he does? (Kayla)

Hi Kayla!

This is actually a fairly common problem! At least to some degree. Walk to halt transitions tend to really point out any issues or weaknesses that horse and rider may have with downward transitions. What I would suggest to you is to... (Click on Question or Video Title above (in blue) to read the answer to this question)

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