Video Discussion # 100: Let's watch Michael Jung's complete warm up for Dressage at this year's Rolex 3 Day Event!

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How fun and supremely educational to be able to watch the great Michael Jung's complete warm up for the Dressage phase at this year's Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event! Thank you very much to our very own member Kaley Seitz, for taking this super footage! 

Things that stand out to me in this video: 
  1. How much more stretching he does that many other riders throughout his warm up.
  2. How he seems to be focusing much more on forward than collection.
  3. How he is using exercises to make his horse more supple, rideable, and connected at that moment, rather than drilling test movements.
  4. How often you see him pushing his hands forward a bit, to check for self carriage.
  5. How he isn't insisting on perfection in the warm up, even to the point of his horse being slightly above the bit at times. Rather, relaxation and confidence seem to be more important to him in the warm up. When she comes above the bit for a moment, he doesn't crank her down. He just keeps quietly working. And by the end of her warm up (and in the show ring itself) she is quite connected and happy.
  6. How happy and free moving his horse looks at all times.

What things stand out to you? (Click on Video Discussion Title above (in blue) to read this educational discussion)

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