Question # 294 and Video # 92: My question is about banks, specifically jumping down....

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...I don't know exactly what my body should be doing and I know that I don't release the reins enough as I jump down. Often in courses the down bank is followed by a jump to test your accuracy and control which makes me hold onto the reins even more as my horse has a big jump and a big stride and I am always afraid that I won't be able to get back in touch with him if I let the reins go. This video clip is of us schooling this weekend, the bank is at about the 56 second mark. My horse is a lovely, honest, athletic type and I want to be able to do him justice, he is very forgiving but I know if I keep hitting him in the mouth at every bank he is going to start thinking about whether or not it is worth jumping! (Susanne)

Hi Susanne!

First of all, I have to say how much I love your horse! He looks like a game athlete, and I love his natural balance at the gallop. And you two look to be a very well matched team. I see a lot of trust and understanding betweeen the two of you. On to your question about jumping down banks... (Click on Question or Video Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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